LBS vol. V

Dear Blues Dancers,

here we go – registration for LBS vol. V is open! More information (bands, thematic classes, venues…) will be added, but the main things are clear: LBS will take place 24–26 April 2020 with our main teachers Lotte Dijkstra and Robin Tschötschel from Amsterdam – and it will be amazing.

If you don’t need to know more (seriously – do you? 🙂 ), go straight to the registration form here. You can also check the Facebook event.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Prague!

The LBS Team

The End & New Beginning

Our dearest blues family!

We would like to thank you very much for the great weekend we just shared, dancing at Little Blues Sister, vol. IV.

Thank you, Rosie & Marshal, Van & Jovannes, Hamed & Vlada and Jaroslav for all the amazing classes we enjoyed so much. 

Thank you, Jamie Marshall and Miss Mikey May and the Organ Grinders, for your music that inspired our dancing.

Thank you, Enric Duch, Matúš Haluška, Hamed Jenabi, Zuza Lapšanská, Marshal Myhan-Keogh, Matouš Pokorný, Maria Pyatkina, Iva Vávrová for sharing your beloved songs with us as DJs.

Thank you to all of you, who helped us with hosting, organisation, and all the little things that may be invisible from the outside but are always so important.

Many thanks also go to Dancers’ Club, and Studentský klub Celetná providing the dancefloors where we could share this all together.

And last but not least, we would like to thank all of you, who came and shared our love for blues with us.

Your Morgain, Iva, Zuza and Zuzka

And what is the new beginning we are promising?
The next volume of Little Blues Sister, of course.

Note it down; Monika and Míša are already working on Little Blues Sister, vol. V. Prague will be covered in blues on April 24-26 again.

If you do not want to miss any important new about blues events in Prague, please fill in this simple form and we will send you email.

Open class on Saturday is on!

Did you feel that you would like to learn evan more during Little Blues Sister, vol. IV?

We have it for you!

You can look forward to amazing taster for Saturday. It will start at 8 pm rigt before the party at the venue.

And what is it going to be about, you ask?

Communication in partner dancing
Vlada (Ukraine) and Hamed (Austria) have prepared a taster for you on Saturday before the party. They will talk about followers and leaders choices in partner dance and how to interact with each other and give each other the space to bring her/his own ideas into the dance. To summarize, It is about making a conversation in partner dancing.
This class is for intermediate and higher level dancers and requires a basic knowledge of Blues dancing.

Friday party with Jamie Marshall

We are proud to introduce you an amazing musician, who will be playing at the party om Friday!

Jamie Marshall (CZ/UK)

When: Friday
Where: Studentský klub Celetná, Celetná 20, Praha 1
On-the-door ticket: 300 CZK

Before Jamie came to the Czech Republic, he was part of the Lonon music scene for more than 20 years. He played live with Don McLean, The Blues Band, Paul Young and Los Pacaminos, with the band front-man Squeeze Glenn Tilbrook, and the British blues legend Long John Baldry. Jamie and his band toured with McLean, closing the tour with a special version of the hit “American Pie”, which was also played live on BBS in the show Best 10 pop songs. In the Czech Republic you can see him regulary at festivals, including Telč, and he often works with famous artists, such as Vlasta Rédl, Slávek Janoušek or Věra Martinová, He has also just made an album with Martinová and now they are playing at concerts together.



LBS IV – Saturday Night

We are finishing the whole program and preparing sign up, however let us introuce you great band which will be playing for you on Saturday!

Miss Mikey May and The Organ Grinders (ISR/CZ)

You’ve seen her at previous Little Blues Sister events, and this time she’s bringing the band! The Organ Grinders is Mikey’s Hammond-organ based project, which combines her powerful vocals with the soulful sound of the Hammond organ, to take you on a wild ride to the roots of blues, jazz, soul, and gospel.
Since founding the project in 2016, Mikey recorded 2 albums featuring tributes to classic swing and blues songs as well as original materials, and performed at countless Lindy Hop and Blues festivals in Czech Republic and all across Europe. For this event Mikey will be joined by Hammond master and vocalist Jakub Zomer and drummer Marek Urbanek.
Check them up here:

Little Blues Sister, vol. IV – SAVE THE DATE!

Another Little Blues Sister is happening on the 18th – 20th of October 2019! Save the date!

And while we are at it, let us introduce the main teachers!

Rosie & Marshal Myhan-Keogh

Rosie comes from Yorkshire, UK. She tried many dance styles but nothing moved her like the blues. Before she found blues Rosie loved dancehall. She learnt it on someone’s front porch when living on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. When she found that blues dancing had the same African roots, she instantly fell in love. Rosie started teaching in early 2016 & set up her Manchester blues scene ‘Honey Blues’ a year later, where she’s been teaching every week since. She likes her dancing to always fit the music & wants you to be able to see what she’s hearing through her body. She loves the huge variety of music & dances within the blues genre & can’t wait to share some of these with you.

Marshal comes all the way from Nashville in the USA. He started dancing in 2010 and has been in love with it ever since. To learn as much as he could, Marshal would drive hours to go to every possible swing & blues dance he could find, often dancing 5 nights a week. A renowned DJ in the US and across Europe, Marshal has shared his love of blues & swing DJing at events such as The Spoonful & Double Shot Valencia. He’s a huge fan of the blues & jazz genres. He sees dancing as a way of actively listening to the music and connecting to it in a deep way.

Rosie & Marshal met dancing & have been dancing ever since. They love going to see live blues bands & that feeling of connection between the musicians & the dancers. Not only do they both teach, & DJ, they also organise an event called ‘Blues in the Hudd’ in Rosie’s hometown of Huddersfield. This August will be its 4th year!

They can’t wait to get everyone grooving & share the joy of blues with you all.