Our lovely bluesin’ friends!
We would like to thank you very much for an amazing weekend, we just shared with you at Little Blues Sister, vol. II.
Thank you, Jered MorinStefano Ronchi, Tereza PospěchováHamed Jenabi and Valentina Hornek, for your knowledge and skills you shared with us during the weekend.
Thank you, Miss Mikey May and Jakub Zomer, Martin Chik Blues BandStefano Ronchi and Denis Cassiere, for your music, connecting us all.
Thank you, Andreas EndlHamed JenabiIva VávrováTatiana Egorova and Gerhard Wisshaupt for sharing your beloved songs with us as DJs.
Thank all of you, who helped us with hosting, organisation and all the little things that may be invisible from the outside, but are always so important.
Many thanks also go to Studio ITAKADOLEKlub Joe and Žižkostel for amazing venues allowing us to be together.
And last but not least, we would like to thank all of you, who came, danced and shared our love to blues with us.
Yours Pavla TomanováZuza Lap and Morgain

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